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Belgian Flight School - Member of Belgian Flight Group S.A.

Brussels South Carleroi Airport - Building S7
Rue des Fusillés, 1
6041 Gosselies - Belgium

Tel. : 0032 71 34 55 10
Fax : 0032 71 37 46 61

Belgian Flight Group

Established in July 2008, Belgian Flight Group (also known as BFG) came out of the wedding between the well known airline pilot academy Belgian Flight School (BFS) and one of Belgium’s leading real estate company, Wilhelm & Co.

Their respective managers have always shared a passion for aviation. They now share this passion with their partners & customers, through a wide range of activities & services, all of them based on one single task: reaching excellence!

Belgian Flight Group includes 4 different entities:

The company currently employs 16 full time people, and around 45 free lances (most of them being Flight Instructors).

The headquarter of the company, located at the airport of Charleroi Brussels-South in Belgium, is a strategic location which guarantees its recognition and professionalism throughout Europe.

Today, Belgian Flight Group has proved its reliability and skills in all the services provided; tomorrow, it will offer the last generation products on the market, through its subsidiaries and aims to be known outside the boundaries of Europe!